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This week's episode of Professor Johnbull,
satirises the emptiness of alcoholism and
reminds all that taking to the bottle can never be a panacea to personal problems. It is a reality check of sorts.

The protagonist of the drama series, Professor Johnbull, played by veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, will amplify the debilitating effects of alcohol on individuals and the society. Since Professor Johnbull made its debut about 3 months ago, it has been able to raise the society's moral consciousness by bringing one episode after another to address issues that are germane to the people. The topicality of all the episodes before Fool's Paradise and the
excitement the series has generated among the viewing public attests to the acceptability of Professor Johnbull across the country.

In this episode, viewers will be faced with
posers such as: should a man give up on life for any reason? How does the all-knowing Professor Johnbull react to his brother's drinking problems? Is it really a mistake to bury one's problems in the bottle?