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  Date: October 16, 2016

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This particular Saturday, other guys had earlier travelled on Friday. Seyi went to RCCG Redemption camp and, she would go to Lagos from there. I was the only one in the flat.

Fausa came around at about 1:15pm. She asked after seyi, I told that seyi travelled. She knew that seyi and I are dating. She said she was having some difficulties with some Jamb past questions.

Well I took her to my room.

That was not the first time she was coming into the room, but that day’s entry was special. I taught her for an hour, I became tired of teaching. I jokingly told her she should take it to her boyfriend to teach her the rest.

She laughed, she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend; as a matter of fact, she has not dated any guy or had s*x since she was born.

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I was shocked when she said that. I wondered how such a pretty girl like her, because she’s so damn pretty with a good shape, men trembling at her feet, wanting to just have a piece of her.

I asked her how old she was, she said she was 20. This is the first time I was asking her about some intimate and personal details about her life.

She told me that many guys have been Wooing her but she doesn’t like them. She said the guys are bad and rough, but she loves a gentle man, cool, calm like me. Immediately she said that, my heart did, “gbim gbimgbim.” In excitement, it was as if my bowels were rolling.

Looking at Fausa, one may think she’s not
sensible and smart, but gush, she’s intelligent and smart and, she knows what she’s doing.

Since she started her tutorials in our house, she no longer speak Yoruba language much. She speaks more of English I preferred.

“Don’t worry, I will marry you” I replied her.

She laughed, “noooo, I don’t want aunty seyi to kill me ooo” she said; I smiled.

She said that am a great guy and seyi was lucky having me as her boyfriend and, if not that I was with seyi, if I ask her out, she would gladly accept.

I was surprised hearing that from her mouth. She indeed loves me. But I am not a woman player, am not into multiple women as such, I believe in one woman for a man.
But the devil has a way of manipulating situations to his own favour.

Something in me told me that that was my
opportunity. If it were to be Deji or the other
guys, dem no go dull at all, dey would jump into the offer. I started having some bad

“This is a great opportunity for me to have a taste of toto even for once” “Once i won’t dump seyi for fausa. Just for fun. So I think this cant affect our affair” “Is fausa going to buy the idea once she knows im in dating already. She only feel like dating and not kind of s*x partners” “Should i make a move???”

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